• Our service call fee is $30. We get this amount to come to your home and give an estimate. After providing the estimate, you will decide whether you want us to repair your appliance or not. NO HIDDEN FEE. Please, keep in mind that we do not sell parts. We only do repairs.
  • For Choice Home Warranty, Home Warranty of America Customers: If you are a customer of Choice Home Warranty or Home Warranty of America, you will pay the service call fee that is set by those companies. We are responsible for collecting the service call fee amount set by Choice Home Warranty or Home Warranty of America. 
  • LG Customers: We are an authorized service center for LG. If your appliance is under the manufacture warranty of LG, please call the LG customer service line directly. They will dispatch your information to us electronically through our LG account. As a result, your labor and part will be paid by LG (if your appliance is under manufacture warranty). If your manufacture warranty expired, then please contact us directly. We can set up an appointment for you.
  • We give a 30-day warranty for all repairs that we do! We record the repair history for warranty purposes. Please, keep in mind that we provide the 30-day warranty if you have the SAME PROBLEM in 30 days.